Random 5 Friday

These are my random 5 facts this week:

1. We are not going on holiday this summer. It’s really frustrating and disappointing.

2. I’m a smoker and I’m not proud of it, since I had quit for seven years and started again. I’m trying to quit again but it’s difficult.

3. I spend most of my time at home being a full-time mom.

4. I’m a chocolate lover. I’m addicted to it.I love any kind of chocolate, but the gooiest the better.

5. One of my hobbies is baking. I find it really relaxing and therapeutic. It relieves my stress.



Bread recipe for my new friend SONEL!




·      860 gr. simple flour (for any use)

·      690 gr. lukewarm water

·      10 gr. Moist yeast or 3 gr. Yeast in powder (about 1 teaspoon; if it’s a little more it doesn’t matter)

·      3 gr. Sugar (1 teaspoon)

·      4 gr. Salt (1 ½  teaspoon)

(10 gr. More or less in any ingredient doesn’t really make a difference)



·      You mix all the ingredients in the mixer. I used moist yeast so I diluted it in some of the lukewarm water with the sugar and poured it in the rest of the ingredients. I added the rest of the water last. What you get is a semi runny mixture of the ingredients, which you cover air tightly with Clingfilm (either in your mixer bowl or in some other bowl) and you let it rest overnight, about 18 hrs.

·      This bread is baked in a pot with a lead (either cast iron or clay) so it is important that you have one.  When the mixture is ready, you put the   pot covered with its lead, empty in the oven at 250 C° (482 Fahrenheit, if my calculations are correct) and you let it get really heated (about 20 minutes).

·      When this is done, you take your pot out of the oven, you open it and sprinkle the bottom with a little flour. Then, you put the ingredient mixture (still not solid but bubbly and sort of thick) into the pot and you spray it with a little water and flour.

·      You bake it at 250 C° for 30 minutes with is lead on, and another 20 minutes, at the same temperature with its lead off. By then it should be ready. You will judge by its colour and if the sides have unstuck from the pot.


I baked the bread in a clay pot and what surprised me is that although very well baked, its bottom was white. When you cut it, it’s moist and yummy but you should note that it dries out quickly. I used Clingfilm to cover it up and so far so good.


I do hope you enjoy this recipe. I discovered it in a blog called “Katerinascookinglab.wordpress.com” but it’s only in Greek so I translated it and added a few hints that I thought were necessary for carrying out the recipe.


Daily Prompt: Ripped Into the Headline – show us something from your WEEKEND.


On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of June, 2013, the 2nd Food Poems weekend was organized in Xylokastro (a town about a couple of hours away from Athens, by the sea). It was held in a wonderful hotel of the area and many famous Greek food critics were there to taste the food. We were invited there as the producers of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil used for the preparation of all food. It was really interesting and fun, though personally, eating almost all day long (even if it means trying small portions from many different dishes), made me sort of dizzy. The tastes were impeccable though, and our products were utilized by the chef in the best possible way.

It was a great and very different weekend and the strawberry daiquiris were awesome!