Thursdays Windows: Week 8



Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 6

ImageThis is a small window in my late grandparents home, in Maroussi (a suburb of Athens). They used to have such windows on the doors back then, instead of the peeping little “eyes” we have today, not to mention all the technology we have invented to facilitate ourselves so we can see who is knocking our doors. I love this house, with all its out of time details and I hope we ‘ll never have to sell or demolish….

Bridge by Santiago Calatrava.

Bridge by Santiago Calatrava.

News Kiosk

News Kiosk

ImageThe old parliament, down town Athens.

The old parliament, down town Athens.

Athens (Greece) is a city known for it’s history, the Acropolis and the Parthenon (or not even that). Here, I chose to show to you an other side of Athens that is more mundane and springs from every day life. The original page of the challenge is:


The biggest bridge in Europe (or so it is said), is here in Greece: the Rio – Antirrio Bridge. It’s extremely impressive and beautiful. I ‘ve only crossed it a couple of times, but it felt awesome, it looked awesome. Such a big work, shortening distances and making it possible for everyone to minimize traveling hours and getting to your destination faster. Road trips have always been one of my favourite activities and I certainly hope, that in a couple of years when my children are a bit older (and therefore more manageable), I’ll be able to start again.

So, this is how I viewed this bridge last time I went through it!Image