Random 5 Friday

These are my random 5 facts this week:

1. We are not going on holiday this summer. It’s really frustrating and disappointing.

2. I’m a smoker and I’m not proud of it, since I had quit for seven years and started again. I’m trying to quit again but it’s difficult.

3. I spend most of my time at home being a full-time mom.

4. I’m a chocolate lover. I’m addicted to it.I love any kind of chocolate, but the gooiest the better.

5. One of my hobbies is baking. I find it really relaxing and therapeutic. It relieves my stress.



PROJECT LIFE 365 – day 1: #reliable

Today I saw a post of my friend Jennay titled Project Life 365. I found it very interesting so I decided to participate, too. I’ll do my best to post a photo each day and complete this challenge. Today’s inspiration is RELIABLE, so I’m posting a photograph of my husband. He’s the most reliable person in my life and I can always count on him.