Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

Rhythm. The first thing that comes into mind is music. I love music. It makes me feel alive. And what I love most about it is not only the melody but its rhythm. It makes me want to dance in a certain beat, move my body, liberate me. Yes. Rhythm. Rhythm is everywhere. The beats of our hearts, our breaths, the blinking of our eyes. Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm. The pace of our lives can be called rhythm. I’m so eager to write about it but I’ve gone blank. This is the first time i’m doing this, so give me a little break. Rhythm also brings to my mid the beating of the drums, the clock ticking, my blood pressure, the universe, my husband doing math using his calculator, my children’s laughter.

My five minutes is up, so here it is for the first time. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha – show us FUNNY.


Sany and I fooling around!


Marina imitating a scene from Ancient Greek tragedy… Not that tragic!!!


Nikolas posing, just before we left for a dress up party!

My middle name…


Judas kiss on my forehead.

I’ve been had for good.

It’s not the money that I lost.

All my faith in humans is gone.

All my faith in me is gone.

Intelligence below zero.

Taking advantage of someone’s pain and vulnerability.

Being outsmarted while I felt it.

Still I stood there frozen, doing as ordered, knowing I was being robbed at my own will.

I should have known better.

Gullibility is my middle name; nothing can change that, it was proven.

Where does this leave me?