Time flies…


13th June, 2013

Ten years ago, on June 13, 2003, my husband and I started going out. It’s a ten year anniversary today. Ten years together. I don’t pay much attention to anniversaries and such, because I prefer to celebrate my relationship every day (which of course is not always possible). My astonishment as far as these ten years are concerned, is that they passed so fast… We’ve had our ups and downs but we’re still together with the family we created in the course of these years and we’re still very much in love. This is my dream come true. I always hoped and wished for the fairy tale. After divorcing my first husband, I never thought that I would get married again. My goal was to NOT cling on my child and ruin her life and have my friends and live a happy quiet life bringing my daughter up.

Then… this miracle happened. I met Nikolas. Everything became possible. After consulting a child psychologist and he met my daughter, it was a match made in heaven. Such a big relief for me; and then I got pregnant. Slowly but steadily we formed our family and we are still trying to find our way in this complicated world, but I feel I was blessed with a second chance. A second chance to get things right; with a man I totally love and loves me back; who takes me as I am and doesn’t want to change me, or me him.

I hope and wish that the next decade will be as fascinating as this one and time will fly again. Because when you are having a good time and enjoying yourself, time DOES fly.


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