Travel theme: Liquid

Looking at my photographs I realize that liquids in all forms are quite important to me, especially the sea. I ‘d like to share with you a few photographs from a few places I ‘ve traveled to, that mean a lot to me. They are my favourite places, that I keep returning to when I have the chance. I know I might be repeating myself by posting photographs of the same places, but I’m always at peace when I get there and I hope that I can convey this feeling to all of you.


Whenever we go there, whether it’s summer or winter it ALWAYS rains at least once. I just love it!


This is a river (cannot remember the name right now) on our way to Giannena, which is a major city of Southern Greece, where my father-in-law lives. We always stop there. It always fascinates me.


This is our favourite wine bar, in the centre of Athens. It’s not a travel destination but whenever we go out, it’s probably the place we’ll go.


Having my morning coffee, on holiday, looking at the most amazing view. What more can I want?


I’ve found such peace on this island. It’s like a second home to me.


I just love this city because it’s built around this lake and has great history.


One of the swimming pools of the hotel we were staying at. Totally wow!




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