The time is coming.

The walls are closing in on me.

The screams and tears inside me are striving to get out.

I’m trying to smother them; to smother me.

Make me stop feeling.

How can you stop emotions?

Have you got any ideas where the switch might be?

I’m overwhelmed.

So overwhelmed, I could burst.

Yet, I can sleep at night.

Like sleep is the only refuge I have.Image

It’s not nightmare-proof though.

There we go again.


Go away.

Go live in somebody else’s body, mind and soul; not mine.

I want to be a robot.

Act as programmed.

Be the perfect person.

Perfect wife, daughter, mother, sister.

But I can’t.

I’m human; only human and far from perfect.

I’m disillusioned and hurt.

I can’t heal my wounds.

I can’t heal myself.

I can’t do anything actually.

I just exist.

Sometimes the silence is deafening.

I only hear the voices in my head.

They’re making so much noise, I can’t stand it!

Then nothing; emptiness; void.

Who am I? What do I want?

Have I ever known? Will I ever….


8 thoughts on “untitled.

  1. I hear your cry
    now don’t despair
    you are not alone

    touch your inner self
    and find the spark
    that is you

    beautiful lady
    are more than existing

    embrace the pain
    and let it wash you clean
    until you’re renewed

    dry your tears
    lift your chin
    find the strength within

    ~ Marion

  2. Now there are some words we have all spoken inside our heads at some point. I don’t know why we are all afraid of bursting…. letting all out helps, it’s a good beginning for all of it to end.
    And a smile 🙂 cause it always helps!

  3. I ‘liked’ but really meant perhps ‘shoulder to lean on’ from me.
    Writing thoughts down in whatever way, lines, poems, diary style has helped someone close to me at times when they might have felt like screaming and popping thro sheer emotional struggles M …
    Take tiny steps to get thro your angst and don’t forget the 🙂 when you can .

    • Well, the initial idea behind my blog was to express myself through writing and share these thoughts with whomever cared. I was taken by surprise by all these photo challenges and plunged in. I love them and I will continue to participate but now that everything is settling down, I ‘m coming closer to my initial goal. I want to start “liberating” myself from my thoughts by sharing them. It’s striking how many people I’ve met (like you, dear Poppy) that care and give their support. It’s a slow process but I’m willing to carry it through and pursuit the magical world of blogging because it’s really important to me. Thank you for everything. I really mean it. 🙂

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