Share Your World – Week 47

 1. Would you accept $10,000 to shave your head and continue your normal activities without a hat or wig while not explaining the reason for your haircut? To be absolutely honest, my first reply would be no. But thinking about our financial situation, yes. I would do it. That money would pay for my children’s doctors and needs and I wouldn’t have to worry about it for a few months.Image

2. Which of the following restrictions could you best tolerate:  leaving your country permanently, or never leaving the state or area in which you live now? As I’ve never left my country for a long time (more than two months, that is), I can’t say how i’d feel if I left it for good. If I had to, I’d do it. But, to answer your question, I’d stay right here. It doesn’t have to do with me adjusting somewhere else. It has to do with me missing home.

3. If you had to spend one weekend alone in a single store but could remove nothing, which store would you pick? I’d pick a store like IKEA. I’d really rest! I could even sleep in!

4. If you could have a servant come to your house every day for one hour, what would you have them do? Clean, clean and clean!!!!!!!! Dusting, vacuuming, moping! You name it!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I was nominated by Jennay for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award! (

Thank you Jennay!!! 🙂

This is a great honour!

Here are the rules for the Very Inspiring Blog Award so please follow carefully:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

7 Things about me.

1. I’m a new blogger. I started on October 1st, 2012.

2. I ‘m very much into photography, reading, music and movies.

3. I ‘m dazed and confused.

4. I cannot get around to doing things out of my house. I get out only if necessary.

5. I’m addicted to my computer and my iPhone.

6. I love cooking and baking.

7. Above all, I ‘m in love with my hubbie and kids!!!

These are the 15 bloggers I nominate for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award! (the order is of no importance)

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So, this is it! Now the notifying starts.

Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart!