This is my daughter Sany, photographed at my village in Mani, two summers ago. We went to spend sometime at my late grandmother’s house, so that the house would remain “open” and my nanna wouldn’t feel alone. I know it sounds a bit weird, even macabre, but only old people are left in the village and all of them are slowly passing on. I’m afraid that it will turn into a ghost village. Plus my granny loved her home and wouldn’t like to see it “shut down” after she left.

Ever since, many things have happened and we didn’t have the chance to go again, but one of my uncles (her favourite son, actually) moved there for good and my father is visiting every now and then and thank God neither the house nor my grandmother have been alone. I don’t know when we ‘re going to be able to visit again but I’m so much looking forward to it. I miss her so and I always feel at home there.


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