missing you…

missing you...

I took this photograph two years ago, when I last visited my late grandmother at her village in Mani. This is shot in a traditional tower (from the inside out) right next to my grandmother’s house. Next time I found myself in the village, was for her funeral the following year. Nothing is the same since she left, but I really hope that my life will be as rich as hers. I miss her so….

5 thoughts on “missing you…

  1. Doris, this is such an amazing and unique shot. It’s beautiful, and I’m glad you have this photo as a special connection with your grandmother as well. Thank you for participating.

  2. Great picture, although I had to look at it a while to understand that the window is set into a very thick wall – once I realized that, it reminds me of my late grandmother’s house (in Pennsylvania) – a 200 year old stone farm house with thick walls like the ones in your photo.

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